Mallorie Humphrey, MHC-I


Mallorie's Caseload is Currently Fullshe is accepting group therapy participants only.

“I don't know who I am. I feel lost. It feels like everything is out of my control. I don’t just want to survive anymore – I want to thrive!”

Does this feel familiar? Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, or the constant battle to process trauma? Do you often feel like something isn’t right or working, in life? You are not alone. And I am here to provide support and guidance along your journey to awareness and positive change.

I am a mental health counseling graduate-level intern from Cazenovia College and my treatment modalities are grounded in a holistic, mind-body-soul perspective. I work from an integrative approach that begins with the understanding that growth is non-linear, and delivers collaborative sessions tailored to your specific situation and needs in a safe environment.


When working with me, you will have a therapist who is person-centered, incorporating mindfulness, CBT, strength-based approaches, as well as choice theory/reality therapy. All aimed at helping you design the life you want to live, how to make the choices that will get you there, and provide you with resources to stay grounded, present, and  able to show yourself compassion along the way.