Lindsay Oakes, MHC-I


Lindsay will have availability for sessions beginning January 2021

It can be difficult to talk about trauma, addictive behaviors, disordered eating, interpersonal challenges such as divorce and parenting as these are often layered with shame and secrecy. You may think to yourself; how did I get here? You feel like you've tried everything, but nothing has improved.

Imagine no longer feeling alone on this journey. Change can be accomplished by developing insight into the underlying causes of problems, becoming aware of and connected to thoughts and feelings, and learning skills to navigate stressors.

I’m a mental health counseling graduate-level intern from NYU with a passion for working with individuals who are motivated for change. My approach to therapy focuses on establishing a warm, trusting relationship with my clients to help us explore deep personal issues. In sessions, we incorporate mindfulness, CBT, psychodynamic, strengths based and existential techniques to support you in achieving the life you want.