Brianna Wolf, MHC-I


Brianna is available on Tuesday mornings

Does it ever feel like you have one voice on your left shoulder saying one thing, and another voice on the right shoulder saying the opposite? Are you going through life thinking you just can’t.catch.a.break? Do you look in the mirror and pick every flaw apart? 


If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, I get it - and you’re not alone. You’ve found that judgment free zone to be able to express every thought running around your head. 


Take a moment to breathe in as you imagine being confident in the decisions that you make, and having compassion towards yourself as you learn from them. Breathe out knowing you could find the best qualities out of yourself before negative thoughts can even come up. Sit and imagine catching that breath as you take that step further into being in control. 


As a mental health graduate level intern, I am here to help you process those thoughts with self-love and appreciation. My “you”-centered approach aims to help those struggling with depression, anxieties, disordered eating, and self-compassion. You’ve got this. Let’s learn together.

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